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  • Ultrasonic Bag Making Machine
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    The working principle of ultrasonic bag making machine

    Introduction: The working principle is the use of high-frequency vibration from the welding head will be sent to the work of welding sound wave welding surface, and instantly make the work molecules to produce friction, to plastic melting point, thus completing the rapid dissolution of solid materials to complete the welding. Its joint strength is close to a piece of Lian Sheng material, as long as the product design of the joint surface match, completely sealed is absolutely no problem.

    1, the use of special alloy steel flower wheel mold, according to customer needs to develop a variety of complex flower-shaped pattern; welding head wear and long life, convenient easy demolition easy, partial-type adjustment, flexible, fast level , & Lt;

    2, the use of ultrasonic welding, needle-free, eliminating the need for frequent needle line trouble, there is no traditional thread suture disconnection joints, but also for the textile clean and local shear and seal. Stitching also played a decorative role, strong adhesion, can achieve waterproof effect, embossed clear, the surface is more three-dimensional relief effect, the work speed, the effect of the product is more high-end appearance; quality assurance.

    3, the use of ultrasonic and special steel wheel processing, sealing the edge does not crack, do not hurt cloth edge, and no flash, curling phenomenon.

    4, the manufacture without preheating, and continuous operation.

    Ultrasonic bag making machine function

    (1) processing without smoke, sparks, do not harm the edge of cloth, but also to avoid flash.

    (2) the use of ultrasonic heating and special steel wheel pressure can be obtained after the use of such functions.

    (3) flower wheel replacement is simple, according to customer needs to replace all kinds of graphics flower wheel.

    (4) manufacturing without preheating, and continuous operation.

    (5) can be installed color paper, gold foil, press up to India, bronzing function.

    (6) can be combined into a special machine, in order to complete the width of the larger products, such as quilt, umbrella and so on.

    (7) made of special alloy steel flower wheel, welding head and wear-resistant and long life.

    (8) mechanical operation is simple, easy maintenance, the use of 20KHZ low-noise ultrasound, anti-noise interference.

    Since the advent of non-woven, with its production of various types of packaging materials, bags of products more and more, but the bagging process has not changed much, the traditional type of ultrasonic sewing bags per capita low efficiency (about 300- 500PCS), high production costs, is not conducive to the volume, assembly line, large-scale production, resulting in high prices of manufactured products, can not meet today's market demand for environmentally friendly products.

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